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Kitesurfing security is something really basic. It starts out on common sense to consolidate through experience. While transmitting my kitesurfing passion to my students, as well as on all my fun riding sessions, security is a key factor for a solid progression that will never stop offering new challenges. Ride within safety and you´ll enjoy this sport for years.

Ride Safely!


Diversity in kitesurf is synonym to having lots of fun. A sport that offers us so many possibilities such as FreerideFreestyleWaves & Hydrofoil favours a continuous learning progression. This diversity can easily be transmitted with a positive attitude and the will to evolve in a sport that hasn’t  yet reach its limits.

Which board should i use?


As an instructor, being inspiring and behaving as a role model has made many of my students to be real kitesurfing lifestylers. Kitesurfing goes beyond sports; its nature, friendship, contemplation, overcoming and lots of fun. Travel in search of wind, discover new places, get to know awesome people. Go for it; I know you can do it to!

One lifestyle for all


Beginner and progression courses

Kitesurf Instructor IKO L3

Make out of your passion a real lifestyle

Solicita tu tarjeta IKO al completar tu curso.
Personalised training under the International Kiteboarding Organisation IKO standards. Applying a safe, progressive and enjoyable teaching methodology.

Navigation Coaching in Freeride, Freestyle, Waves & Hydrofoil.

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Diploma IKO Instructor Nivel 3

Instructor L3

Maximum IKO level for recreational training German A. Navarro B. Iko Instructor L3 Head instructor Kitesurfing
IKO Head Instructor Diploma

Head Instructor

Management and administration of Kitesurfing Schools German A. Navarro B. Iko Instructor L3 Head instructor teaching to children Kitesurfing
Teaching To Children Diploma

Teaching to Children

Teaching to children procedures and methodology


Teaching Hours


Riding students


Riding years








Kite Schools

Travelling while sharing my passion for kitesurfing: Key for a healthy lifestyle.

RedShark Fuerteventura

Instructor, Front Desk & Shop, Social Media Manager.

Petra Oberlechner.


Instructor in La Manga del Mar Menor.

Diego Conesa, Maribel Cano & Jose Carrión.


Coaching, digital marketing & web design.

Olivier Brechet.

Kite Norte School

Instructor at Basque Country, Cantabria & Pantano del Ebro .

Alberto Amor & Iker Eraso.

KTS Tarifa

Training and practice.

Daniele Olivieri & Mariano Lorenzetti.

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Marketing TEAM RIDER

Quality • Durability • Performance • Pricing

Direct Sales

Buy your kitesurfing gear directly online without intermediaries. From the factory to your house in just a few days.

Lifetime Warranty

Rest asure with your purchase. Switchkites trust so much their material that they will offer you lifetime Warranty.

Long-lasting Materials

Bomb proof construction materials personally tested on the most extreme conditions. Fabrics and reinforced seams on all kites.

100% Satisfaction

30 day Satisfaction Warranty. If you are not 100% happy with your purchase, they will give back your money. No questions asked, client is a priority.

Costumer Service

Switchkites work closely with their clients to improve and develop new kites based on customer experience. You will get from them immediate response from trustworthy riders.

Free Shipping

Free worldwide shipping on all kites, bars, boards, accessories and replacement parts. Shipping to Spain in less than 7 days.


Get the best out of their multipurpose kites for Freestyle, Waves, Freeride and even Hydrofoiling.


The best prices in the market without any doubt. Why should you pay more? Just for Fashion? Come on man... lets hit the water!